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A Screen shot of the window design feature in the Focus Plus software

Garden Room in Vector Plus

A Screenshot of the door design feature in Focus Plus

An Orangery in Vector Plus

Conservatory Design Software

Vector Plus

The Vector range of programs provide ultimate ready-to-run, intuitive software, for rapidly generating sales winning 3D presentations for conservatories. Within minutes of first loading any Vector program you will create stunning 3D colour conservatory designs. View the conservatory from any angle and make immediate and comprehensive 'real time' design changes during presentation to your customer, either on screen or as printouts. It really is that simple.
Contact us to see how you can start creating 3D designs for your customers.

The 'VectorPlus' pricing option takes you through the design and specification of the conservatory, confirming their choices to your customers, and pricing roof, frames, building and groundworks, electrics and much more in an accurate and easily manageable way.

Stored price matrices and pricing rules are set up within Vector Plus as standard, together with a checklist of prompted questions based on information provided by each individual user. Vector Plus allows a conservatory company to have a fluid price list  - one which can be modified instantly to change the mark-up and discount strategies in line with, say, a fuel price rise, an increase in hardware prices or to counter an aggressive competitor.
Vector Plus can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. Users have checklists ranging from just thirty, to in excess of 120, depending on the sales strategy of the company.  A long list can be considered over-complicated, but when the contract(1021kb) is printed the client has a complete list of everything that is going to be done: nothing is left to chance and you know that is has been priced correctly.

One of the benefits of dealing with Whiteshill Systems is the facility offered to have your reports customised to suit yourself.  As sales of Vector and Vector Plus are now in excess of 1800 units, the chances that a competitor will be using the same standard reports is high, so Whiteshill Systems will tailor your reports to your own design.

Among customised reports created by Whiteshill Systems are quotation letters offering a personal touch, contracts, order forms, and perhaps most importantly of all -  cost control sheets to enable the client to check the costs against the actual invoices, and to know in advance the exact cost of the materials and projected labour.

Many users find that after they have  introduced Vector Plus,  sales increase by 30 - 40%, while order values increase by 10 - 20%, with profit margins (easily checkable from the costing reports) increased or unaffected.